This toy may not be suitable for novices, apply lubricant, this longer size toy can reach deeper into your body. The toy has 3 different textures, prominent lines, lots of small squares, and protruding particles. Every inch of you will feel a different stimulus. It is a sex toy that will not be tired of playing. Under the raised particles are 18 small beads. Turn on the rotation mode. These beads rub against your anal entrance. It feels as if a man is using a penis to provoke your anal entrance. The traditional vibration mode can make you feel numb, and the curved arc can make it easier to find your sweet spot. The toy has 10 different vibration modes. With the enhancement of the mode, you can feel the accumulation of pleasure in the explosion. Users can also use the vibration function alone to stimulate your nipples and other sensitive points. The toy is also equipped with a wireless remote control function, you only need to cock your butt and wait. Give the remote control to your partner and experience the excitement of sudden changes in functions.

Pre and post play, rinse with warm soapy water or use a good quality toy care fluid/foam.


Product Size: 8.86″ in total length.
Product Weight: 0.62lb
Product Material: liquid silicone

Package list

Includes anal massager×1,remote control×1,USB cable×1.


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Particle Rotation Bead 10 Vibr...