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  • Rose bud-like head, improve appearance and friction.
  • Built-in centrifugal beads, roll around as movements to send vibration pulses.
  • 2 swollen parts, gradually expand your anus.
  • Silicone surface, ensure smoother and more comfortable insertion.
  • Anchor-shaped base, easy to operate.


Backdoor is one of the most important stimulating areas for men to obtain sexual satisfaction during solo or shared games. Men will delight in the dreamy ecstasy when the prostate is hit, not to mention the vibration pulses caused by the built-in centrifugal beads shaking around in the ass as you move. Please enjoy the sensation while the two balls spread your sphincter and squeeze deep into. The smooth silicone surface offers you a painless penetration. Moreover, the base appears as an anchor to not only provide convenience for one-handed operation, but also better fits between your ass cheeks. Easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water.

Size: 4.6 x3.4”

Insertable length: 3.9”

Width: 1.2/1.4”


Material: silicone

Package included:
1 xanal plug


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Rose Bud Butt Plug with Built-...