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  • Colorful appearance, dazzling.
  • 3 sizes, step by step training.
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced players.
  • Can be heated or cooled with water, bringing unexpected feelings.
  • Smooth tapered tip for easy insertion.
  • Easy to clean, no bacteria breeding.

The colorful appearance allows you to find it in numerous toy collections at a glance! No matter what type of sex games you and your partner want to play together, anal games are always essential. Beginners can start with the smallest size, and then conduct phased training. Glide easily into your anus with the help of lubricant.Bring you fullness and excitement immediately. With dazzling diamond at the end, you and your partner can show off treasures to each other. Even in fierce competition, the slender shaft can prevent slipping out. Whatˉs even more incredible is that they can be heated or cooled with water, and different temperatures will give you unexpected feelings.

– Material: Stainless steel.
– Length: 70mm,81mm,95mm.

Package included:
3 x Butt Plugs


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3pcs Stainless Steel Colorful ...