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  • Beads pleasingly increase in size, gradually promote the butt challenge.
  • Starter bead smaller than 0.4 inches, get yourself comfortably into the insertion process.
  • Adjustable insertable length, freely control the pleasure rhythm.
  • Ring-shaped handle, convenient for one-handed operation.
  • Made of silicone, seamless, manageable and safe.


Coming in seamless and safe silicone, this 10-bead anal toy is characterized by sleek, flexible and manageable, which can help you ease into the butt challenge smoothly and comfortably. A total of 10 beads gradually increase from 0.35 inches to 0.9 inches, the purpose is to provide you with a relaxed start, erogenous stimulation, and of course a filling finish. Wonderful for beginners! With the ring-shaped handle, you are able to make it deeply buried or shallowly inserted, according to your acceptance. The whole process can be turned into a pleasant enjoyment.

Total length: 13.4”

Width: 0.9”at the largest point

Width of handle: 2.2”

Weight: 0.12 lb

Material: silicone

Package included:
1 xanal beads


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Manageable Silicone Butt Beads...