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  • Gem-imitated base and charming double bells, double visual and auditory stimulation.
  • Can be used with traction chain, add a touch of playful fetish fun and erotic mystery to your love life.
  • 3 anal plugs in one set, let you safely and comfortably increase passionate anal stimulation.
  • Smooth surface, slightly pointed head, umbrella-shaped base, easy to insert while not easy to drop off.
  • Solid stainless steel butt plug, safe, odur-free, durable and easy to maintain.


Are you an anal hobbyist Or have you become interested in anal sex This anal toy set will bring you a different kind of sexual experience. 3 anal plugs form a set to eliminate your worries that your existing anal plugs do not fit your size. Each probe in this kit gradually increases in length and girth, designed for people at any level of analgames for super pleasure. Available traction chain is an extra surprise. It is directly connected to your palm and your mate’s honey aperture, visually enhancing the sense of control. It is simply a great SM and cosplay toy and flirting assistant! The jewel-like shiny base is decorated with bells, clinking and swiping sensitive parts in the rhythm of sexual intercourse. Does this sexy and erotic picture immediately arouse your sensuality flirt, penetrate, and reach the ultimate orgasm! In addition to the promotion of pleasure, it also takes into account comfort. The smooth surface, tapered head, and the umbrella-shaped base make sure they can be inserted into your ass without hurting your dainty skin and are not easy to fall off. Plus, made of solid stainless steel, they are safe, odorless, durable and simple to maintain.

Size from small to large: 1 x2.7”/1.3 x3.2”/1.6 x3.7”

Weight from small to large: 0.12/0.2/0.33 lb

Material: stainless steel

Package included:
1 xanal plug set

1 xtraction chain (optional)


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