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  • Fluffy fox-tail, turn into a charming fox fairy.
  • Drop-shaped rounded tip, easy to insert.
  • Waist design, reduce foreign-body sensation, protect the anus and prevents slipping out.
  • Detachable anal plug, you are able to wear it alone.


The gospel for lovers of sex cosplay is here! Want to transform into a alluring fox fairy and make your partner fascinated by you Of course you do! The tail is soft and delicate, and comfortable to touch. When mating, the tail will move gently back and forth, sweeping over sensitive parts. Provocative contact is absolutely an artifact to enhance eroticism. The pointed head is shaped like a water drop, with which you can easily insert it into your back hole. The waist-retracting design and the umbrella-shaped end further protect the anus, reduce the sensation of foreign bodies, and prevent the anal plug from entering too deep to be removed and sliding out of your body. With all-round protection, you are able to enjoy a sensual feast. In addition, the fox-tailis detachable, which allows you to wear anal plugs for sustained pleasure. At the same time, it can also satisfy your occasional interest in sex cosplay and inject fresh vitality into your sex life.

Total length: 16.93”
Weight: 1.1 lb

Material: artificial wool + silicone

Package included:
1 x fox-tail butt plug


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Detachable Fox Fur Tail Butt P...