Diversify pleasure with 4 customizable thrusting modes, embracing your unique desires
Ease discomfort with 4 suction modes, offering a pain-free and enjoyable experience
Combat tension with 10 vibration modes, promoting relaxation and tailored satisfaction
Say goodbye to cold discomfort with a warming function, ensuring a cozy and satisfying experience
Why not try our multifunctional masturbator cup? This multifunctional masturbator cup is equipped with 4 thrusting and 10 vibration modes, which can better satisfy your various desires and experience needs. Whether it’s gentle strokes or passionate thrusts, it’s all under your control.
At the same time, our multifunctional masturbator cup features 4 suction modes, perfectly simulating the feeling of oral sex, providing a more realistic experience. The introduction of the heating function makes your experience even more comfortable.
The soft and lifelike channel allows you to enjoy multiple stimulations with every thrust, leading you to stronger orgasms.
All modes are visually displayed with an LCD display screen, making operation easy. Even beginners can handle it with ease. The soft and detachable inner sleeve is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your hygiene and health.
Remember to use an appropriate amount of lubricant to enhance your experience.
Material: ABS+TPE
Color: Black
Waterproof: IPX5
Charging Time: 3.5 Hours
Run Time: 1 Hour
Power Type: USB Charging
Size: 10.51*3.53*3.54 inch
Weight: 1.83 lbs
Mute: <65 db
Ultimate Stress Relief
Enter a world of calm where each thrusting and vibration melts away stress. Our masturbator provides a secluded retreat to relax, blending enjoyment with serenity to ease your senses after a busy day. Relish the joy of liberation and shed the day’s weight most pleasingly.
Sensitivity Enhancement
Experience enhanced sensitivity and deeper pleasure with our dynamic vibrating device. Immerse yourself in self-discovery and align with your body’s cravings for complete harmony.
Effortless Disassembly for Easy Cleaning
Enjoy straightforward cleaning with our user-friendly washable product. Regular cleaning prevents bacteria build-up, ensuring your experience remains safe and hygienic.
Rotation and Expansion Features
Press the power button once to initiate the first rotation and expansion mode; press again to cycle through 8 distinct modes.
Vibration Features
Press the vibration button to start or change between 10 vibration modes.
Light Indicators
The lights change with each switch in expansion modes. For instance, a single light indicates the first mode is active, two lights show the second mode, and so on.
Bullet Feature
A powerful motorized bullet is installed at the top of the sleeve, specifically designed to stimulate the glans with robust vibrations.
Fast Charging
Benefit from rapid charging capabilities that minimize waiting and maximize your leisure time.
Secure and Private Delivery
Feel secure with every order knowing it comes in plain packaging, safeguarding your privacy at every step.


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