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  • Wavy design on both sides of the shaft, easy to grasp.
  • Entrance with a real labia sensation and dense bulges inside, give you a lifelike vaginal penetration.
  • 10-frequency telescoping and 10 speeds, multiple combinations for multiple happiness.
  • 3 kinds of groans, there is always one that arouses your sexual desire the most.
  • Removable sleeve, easy cleaning and storage.
  • Equipped with a powerful suction cup base, explore hands-free sexual games.


The clear purple shell faintly reveals the internal structure, and the penis thrusting process dangled before you, inspiring your deeper sexual desires. The entrance of the toy has a vivid labia sensation. When your dick enters this sweet hole, you will feel the real labia squeezing stimulation. At the same time, the humps all over the inner wall of the sleeve will grind and massage your bro in all directions, showing you incomparable orgasmic excitement. There is also 10-band telescoping with extra10 speeds, which means you are capable of combining as you like to get the best mode that allows you to reach orgasm and ejaculate. The most beautiful thing is that this plaything has three moans of temptation. It’s as if you are indeed piercing your partner, and she can’t help groaning under your brave offensive movements, begging for your mercy! It is worth mentioning that this toy has a wavy design on both sides, which guarantees the control of one hand and does not easily slip out of the palm. If you are more inclined to liberate your hands for sex, the included powerful suction cup base will be your perfect assistant. The bedroom, living room, bathroom, and even the balcony can become your gaming paradise.

Product size: 13.5 x3.5”

Insertable length: 6.25 ”

Internal diameter: 1.5”

Weight: 1.79 lb

Material: ABS+TPR

Package included:
1 xmasturbation cup

1 xcharging cable

1 xsuction cup base


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