• 【3 In 1 Realistic Sex Doll with Big Boobs, Big Ass, Tight Pussy】This torso doll for male realistic sex is copied with a charming mature woman, with big boobs, sexy sex doll ass, and small waist. You can have vaginal anal breast sex with her. The sexy body brings you great visual impact for male masterburbator. The realistic textured nodules and ridges on the pussy, anus channels bring you different explosive orgasms. Best sex toy for men, couple, women or gay!
  • “【3D Realistic Pussy and Anus Channels with Texture 】 Both channels in the silicone love doll are tight, textured. 6.9in/17.5cm long virgin tight pussy channel, allow full insert. When the penis moves back and forth to stimulate the nerves on the skin, too wonderful feeling! 6.0in/15.3cm anal channel tighter, so your penis in the squeeze kind of blood spurting! Because the tunnel material is elastic, our female sex doll for men fits for most of size of dick. “
  • 【Sex Torso Built-In Strong Skeleton for Multi-Pose】 Our sex dolls torso features a sturdy metal skeleton in the spine, allowing for easy adjustment of the waist. This ensures that the female sex torso maintains a stable and attractive shape and can withstand passionate encounters in various positions. Unique split leg design, like a ballerina when jumping, which is to open her legs to welcome you, it’s easy to reach her deeper. Enjoy the versatility & durability of torso sex doll.
  • 【Soft & Safe TPE Sex Doll, Will NOT Tear, No Bad Smell】 We use premium malleable TPE, which is soft and flexible, like real skin, no need to worry male masturabators realistic sex dolls will tear, safe for touching and sucking as well. Please note TPE material is phthalate-free, not resistant to high temperatures above 40°c/104°f. When using heating rod, don’t forget to turn off in time in case get melted.
  • 【Lifelike Sex Doll, Easy to Clean and Storage】 There are some talcum powder on the surface of silicone sex doll keeping the lifelike love doll dry, it’s not dirt or quality problem! Wash the female torso doll realistic sex before and after using with soap and water under temperature 40°c/104°f. Use dry sticks or towels to absorb water in narrow channel (1 Drying sticks included), dusting talcum powder on the doll again, and place in a cool place to store.
  • How to use for better experience?

    1.Use heating rods to heat the tunnel of masturbator male strokers sex doll to make it warm like a real woman, but keep temperature under 40°c/104°f, higher temperature will melt the tunnel, and destroy the realistic male mastubrator puss’y pocket.

    2.Use water-based lubricant and condom for more smoother experience when using the masturbator sex doll with torso.

    How to avoid tearing?

    1.Don’t often open the legs too rudely, or over angled.

    2.When you don’t use the type anime sex doll for men, please keep her lying flat with legs together to avoid damage on the joint skin.

    How to clean?

    1.You will see some baby powder on the male sex doll, it is not dirt or quality problem! Instead, the baby powder is for keeping the lifelike male sex doll dry and more durable.

    2.Wash this men toys adult pleasure before and after using. Use fresh water under temperature 40°c/104°f and some soap, wipe with soft and light color cloth, then let it air-dry. Don’t use the clothes which is dark color, or easily faded, to avoid staining the sex toy men.

    3.Use sex doll male masturbation washer and drying stick to clean and dry the inner tunnels, which is specially developed for male masturbators, sex doll, pocket puss’y, stroker cleaning and drying.(Drying stick rod included)

  • Caution

    1.If you are allergic to talcum powder, cautious to buy the sex dolls. All sex dolls in the marketing have baby powder.

    2.When using heating rod or hot water, be care the temperature should not more than 45°c/113°f, otherwise, it will get melt.

    3.About size: Please note this lifelike sex doll is medium size(not lifesize) ,if you mind, cautious to buy.

    4.About color: This realistic sell doll for mens sex is Brown, because it’s photographed indoor with led light, not in natural sunshine, so it may look a little different when you receive it.

    How to maintenance?

    1.After drying, gently dusting baby powder or cornstarch on the surface of male sex toy to prevent the skin from sticky and extend the service life.

    2.Keep her legs together and stay in a straight lying position to avoid damage to the joint skin.

    3.The TPE sex doll for men are easy to stain, please avoid choosing dark or easily faded clothesWash clothing before putting them on.

    4.Keep away from sharp objects, keep the toys for mens pleasure sex in a cool dark place, avoid exposure under direct sunshine.


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