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3 telescopic modes + 20 vibration modes, 60 different patterns, which can be controlled freely according to your preferences. You can find the mode that suits you best, and you will never tire of this prostate massager. The head of this massager has three bump textures, and your anus will have a feeling of crossing three small hills. The middle part is composed of three stretchable runways of different sizes, which strongly rub against the inner wall of your anus during the stretch. The head of the vibrator is bent into an ergonomic angle, which perfectly fits the curve of your body. Tilting it tickles and teases the prostate, precisely triggering your sensitive nerves. At the same time, the small head also vibrates and stimulates your perineum, and the tongue tastes your testicles. Imagine how hard you will work to collapse from inner and outer ecstasy. This sex toy is also suitable for women. Insert it into the vagina, experience the change from gentle to wild, and help you reach orgasm quickly. You can also hold it in your hand to stimulate the nipples, clitoris, testicles, etc. It will bring you hours of joy. Life waterproof design, easily take it to the shower or swimming pool. Wireless remote control, when adjusted to your favorite mode, you can free your hands and let your hands touch the whole body freely.

The feature of charging via USB makes this product convenient enough to help you live a simple sex life. And it is waterproof, which means that a small amount of splashing water will not damage it, but please do not soak it in water.

Noise: <50db

Material: Silicone

Size: 108*145mm

Function: telescopic + vibration

Charging time: 2 h

Usage time: 1 h

Package included:
1 x Prostate Massager

1 x Remote Control


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