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  • Appearance of official handcuffs, realize your fetish fantasy.
  • Lace feather paddle, increase the pleasure of conquering.
  • Soft blindfold, keep you/your partner in the dark about what lies ahead.
  • Gear design at the opening of the handcuffs, adjust easily to the perfect fit.
  • Come with 2 handcuff keys, restraint or release, depends on you.


Turn your partner into your submissive slave! This 3-piece suit, blindfolded strap, lace paddle, official handcuffs, contains everything you need to fully realize all the depraved plans you have been brewing for a long time. A blindfold will effectively take away of your mate’s ability of vision, there is no easier way to deprive your partner of control than by this, so they have no idea what’s coming next, nervously guessing what toys you are gonna employ and where. The handcuff may be the first one you pick. It is designed in the form of official handcuffs, which allows you and your partner to explore the fun of cosplay at home: police and criminals, fresh fun! Also, a lace paddle with feather end is an important partner for flirting. Gently tickling the private parts or spanking heavily, whichever brings unlimited fun. Take control of your lover and release your inner beast!


Paddle size: 13.8 x2.4”

Blindfold size: 59 x2.8”

Total weight: 0.37 lb

Material: lace+feather+metal

Package included:






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