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  • Simple design, easy operation and high practicability.
  • Toy set, discover a variety of playful combination methods.
  • Convenient buckle design, easy adjustment of tightness.
  • Movable connection rings, have fun with the toys simultaneously or separately.
  • Cotton rope, soft and does not harm the skin.


Are you still using traditional rope Does it make you gradually irritable because of its difficultiesin operation and complicated knot tutorial This set of binding rope will eliminate all your worries. The simple design without redundant decoration highlights high practicality. As a toy set, it contains collar, traction rope, handcuffs, ankle cuffs, as well as connection rings which make it possible to have fun with this toy set simultaneously or separately. All units are equipped with buckles, allowing you to easily Adjust the tightness in terms of your body figure for maximum comfort. In addition, the pure cotton rope will take good care of your dainty skin, relieving physical pain, and let you immerse yourself in a sensual feast.


Collar: 23.6”for maximumperimeter

Traction rope: 41.3”for length

Handcuffs: 11”for maximumperimeter

Ankle cuffs: 13.4”for maximumperimeter

Material: metal+cotton

Package included:

1 xtraction rope

1 xcollar


2 xconnection rings


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