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  • Black-silver contrast, noble and abstinent temperament.
  • Cylindrical shoulder bag, available for daily commuting.
  • Adjustable girth, eliminate size concerns.
  • Equipped with traction rope, display your ownership and protection over your sub.
  • PU material, pliable and comfortable.


Watch your subs struggle in the restraints as you push them to greatest height of happiness! This versatile cuffs allows you to tie up your lover in any way you want: restraint their wrists and ankles behind them or in front of them for whatever cheeky plans in your mind. They struggle, groan, but in vain. Don’t worry, the soft PU cuffs will not harm your sub’s delicate skin that you love most. All they will get from you is excitement and bliss. Spice up your nights with your submissive lover!

Collar: width: 1.5”

adjustable perimeter: 16.1-19.3”

Cuffs: width: 1.5”

adjustable perimeter: 6.7-9.8”/ 9.8-12.2”

Traction chain: 50”

Connecting chain: 4.7”

Cylindrical shoulder bag: 8.3 x3.9 x3.9”

Total weight: 1.4 lb

Material: PU

Package included:

1 xcollar


2 xconnecting chain

1 xtraction chain

1 xstorage bag


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Neck Wrist Ankle Restraint Set