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This is a very sexy male masturbator. It is made of TPR material, which is very real and feels almost like real female skin. She has a sexy collarbone, you can try to put a necklace on her and treat her as your girlfriend. Two huge breasts, nipples tease you silently. Try to take out your dick, place it between the two breasts, and then hold the breast with both hands and rub the penis firmly. This feeling will definitely impress you. The slender waist and hips form an “S” curve. This must be a very beautiful girl! Her entire upper body leaned forward slightly, eager to be touched by you. Spreading her legs, gently stroked her labia and clitoris. Imagine she was moaning and eager for more. Put your hard cock into her vagina, and the realistic particles inside will rub the sensitive spots on your penis. Of course, if you are tired of the vagina, you can also enter her anus to find more fun. The ribbed tunnel inside the anus completely envelops your dick, you can try to find her P spot. If you don’t have a girlfriend, this is indeed a very good choice for masturbation. You can even dress her up, put on erotic lingerie for her, and spend a beautiful evening together!

Material: TPR
Size: 11.02*17.13 inch

Package included:
1 x Male Masturbator


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