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  • Straight design, make it easy to dress on and off, tailor-made for starters.
  • Liquid silicone material, able to recover after arbitrary twisting.
  • Physical promotion of about 1 inch, bring male vanity and greater sex excitement.
  • Realistic glans and bulging veins, exhibit your masculinity.
  • Natural skin color, realistic visual impact.


This penis sleeve comes from the elasticand flexiblematerialof liquid silicone, which makes it simple for the sleeve to recover even after random extending and twisting. It is able toclosely wrapyour penisandassures you various plays. Straight-through modelingmakes it simple to wear and take off, which is tailor-made for inexperiencedusers. It ,to the most extent, prevent you from getting hurt if you are new in this filed. This sleeve has a total length of 6.8 inches, which means that it is capable of increasing and thickening your penis effectively. If you are not satisfied with your penis during sex, then it is you first chose. This sleeve has a naturalskincolor, and the realistic glans is covered with textures, which can rub and hit the female G-spot during sex, bringinggreater excitement. It’sappearance is also very close to the real penis, exhibiting your masculinityduring thrusting process.

Overall length: 6.8 inch
Material: Liquid silicone

Package included:
1 x Penis Extension Sleeve


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6.8 Inch Realistic Penis Exten...