There are always people who desire a combination of penis shape and a prostate toy. This great anal toy meets your needs. The head is super round and smooth, and lubricant can slide into your anus and vagina more easily. The upturned glans and foreskin can touch your sweet spots more easily when sliding, and the folds and veins on the surface of the toy can give you the pleasure of rubbing.No one can resist the thrusting sex toy. This prostate massage product is designed with 12 thrusting modes to meet your various requirements for length and thrusting speed. There is also a vibration function at the bottom, which will massage your perineum after turning on the button. Lie on the bed or on the sofa and use the remote control to switch between different modes to feel stimulation from the perineum and prostate.


Product Size: 5.7″ in total length.
Product Weight: 0.35lb
Product Material: liquid silicone

Package list

Includes anal massager×1,remote control×1,USB cable×1


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