Real person 1:1 softness, delicate soft waxy.
5.7″ vaginal depth, providing realistic textured & ribbed tunnel stimulation
3.9″ anal depth, Absolutely amazing for your dick.
Great liquid jelly TPE material, smoothu like baby skin.
Choose it, Maintain health and vitality, prevent frigidity, ED
Liquid Jelly Big Butt – Julie
Julie is the work of our senior designer. Julie’s hips have added liquid jelly material, which makes her softer and more realistic than a normal big-ass torso. As you can see in the video, Julie is bouncy and feels like baby skin.
Size infor of Julie
Material Medical-grade TPE
Length: 30cm/11.8inch
Width: 35cm/13.7inch
Height: 19cm/7.4inch
Waist: 47cm/18.5inch
Weight: 7.5kg/16.53lb
Vagina depth: 14.5cm/5.7inch
Anal depth: 10cm/3.9inch
Super Soft Big Ass
Julie is like a new born baby, her softness is amazing! She will rock back and forth when you touch her. Needless to say, this is definitely the best option for spanking fun. Take off her lace panties and see how alluring the pink pussy is! And, you can play with her at will.
Two Realistic Channels, Perfect Size.
Julie is the perfect size, she’s made 1:1 from a real big ass. The seductive big ass and soft touch are sure to surprise you when you have sex with her!
Julie has two insert channels. The two channels will give you a different feeling. The walls of her vagina are covered with folds and grains for you to rub and stimulate your bro during penetration. Julie’s anus is tighter, and the strong suction will definitely make you enjoy anal sex!
Professional new design
lnner: Jelly flow core toughnessraw material solid typedeep fascia fibers.
Middle: Sandwich emulsionimports liquid gel,supplement fatsoftness.
Exterior: The outer elastic muscle adopts excellent technology Restore skin texture.


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