Rounded buttocks, the best choice for doggy sex.
5.51″ vaginal depth, average vaginal depth of Asian women.
4.72″ anal depth, hugs your penis tightly.
Medical grade TPE material, safe, soft and no smell.
Beautiful Japanese dancer – Mana
Mana is a beautiful Japanese dancer. Her figure is very slim and sexy. She was wearing black shorts and had a cute ass sticking out. The pink labia between the slender legs looks very charming. Mana’s round ass is very bouncy. You pat her and she rocks back and forth. She has a lovely medium size ass of 23.47lb. You can have doggy sex with her more easily.
Size Infor
Material Medical-grade TPE
Lenght: 39cm/15.35inch
Width: 31cm/12.20inch
Height: 21cm/8.26inch
Waist Cir: 67cm/26.37inch
Hip Cir: 98cm/38.58inch
Viginal depth: 14cm/5.51inch
Anal depth: 12cm/4.72inch
Weight: 10.6kg/23.36lb
Sex type: Vaginal/Anal sex
Realistic Interior Textures
Human Skin Texture, Realistic Tunnel
Mana’s skin has a special simulation process. When you touch her or look closely at her skin, you will find goosebumps on the surface, just like real human skin.
Mana’s pussy is very realistic. He can rub your cock really well. The large fleshy grains in her passages are very soft. Makes you forget she’s not real when you’re having sex with her, just soaking it up. Even better, Noriko also has a tight anus that you can have anal sex games with her!
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Packaging Display
Multiple Privacy Shipping:
We first wrap the big ass with transparent bag.
Second, we keep the big booty in a cardboard box without any sex descriptions. 100% privacy package.


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