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The atmosphere in the bar is very lively. I closed my eyes and twisted my body, letting myself blend in and enjoy the noise around me as much as possible. Suddenly, I felt that someone’s ass was rubbing against my dick intentionally or unintentionally. I opened my eyes and saw that the culprit was a beautiful woman with a hot body. Then she became bolder. She faced me, constantly hitting me with her two big breasts, the other hand gently held my dick and rubbed it back and forth. She is already like this, how could I still bear it! I pulled her hard and walked quickly to the next lounge. I quickly took off her pants. I found her clitoris and surroundings are a bit dark, and her labia is also open. I think she must have had sex many times. I said to her: “Smelly bitch, you should know what to do to make me more happy” Then she took the initiative to insert my dick into her vagina. I can feel my entire penis being tightly wrapped, and there are still some particles in it rubbing my dick. Her vagina is very tight and I am surprised because she is nothing like a woman who has had many sexual experiences. After enjoying her vagina, I inserted my cock into her anus again. At the same time, my hands are not idle. I put my fingers into her vagina and let her enjoy my warm touch. After a hearty sex, we exchanged contact information and I am really satisfied with her service!

The entrance of the vagina is full of particles to cheer up your glans. Crowded tunnels and particles will entangle your dick tightly and create a feeling of friction during thrusting. The deepest thread is also waiting to taste your glans. The raised nodes and stripes in the anal passage massage the sensitive spots on the penis well. Experience an ultra-tight canal, and then use your fantasy to reach explosive conclusions.

Material: TPE
Color: Flesh

Package included:
1 x Male Masturbator


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3D Tunnel Realistic Labia Anal...