700 piston per minute, surpassing similar stroker by 2.5 times, igniting speed and passion.
10 telescopic and one-key bursts break your endurance enjoying pleasure to climax.
5-level sound, syncing your rhythm from passionate moans to fiery roars.
10-minute heating to 109.4℉, pre-warmed for lifelike warmth upon entry.
3 textured segments provide different skin-like wrapping stimulation.
This masturbator with a roadster exterior design, has 700 piston strokes per minute, surpassing competitors by 2.5 times! Immerse yourself in the fantasy of speed and passion. The brushless motor extends its lifespan while keeping noise levels to a minimum. An intelligent chip adapts to changes in suction frequency, voice, and temperature. A composite rotating structure enhances motor performance.
10 adjustable telescopic, transitions from gentle caresses to wild, intense thrusts, taking you to new heights of ecstatic pleasure. One-button explosion feature, shattering your limits and delivering the most fulfilling climaxes. Ignite your passion, and bask in pure euphoria.
Through 5 levels of sound adjustment, from seductive moans to fiery roars, relish in interactive fun, synchronizing your lovemaking rhythm with unforgettable intensity. Combined with a delicate and smooth inner wall and a 10-minute preheating feature, you’ll experience an immediate sensation of warmth and skin-like smoothness upon entry.
Are you prepared to elevate your enjoyment to new heights? Experience the ultimate fusion of speed, passion, and exhilaration with our cutting-edge product today!

Brand: CKC
Features: , Intelligent Chip Control , Heating, 5 Moan Sound
Function: 10 Telescoping, Heating, 5 Moan Sound
Frequency: 10 FrequenciesColor: Blue
Material: TPE, ABS
Waterproof: IPX5
Mute: <65 dB
Power Type: Magnetic Charging
Heating Time: 10 mins
Charging Time: 240 mins
Run Time: 45 mins
Package Included: Product x1, Charging Cable x1, Manual x1
Size: 8.27*2.99 in
Weight: 1.38 lbs
Inlet Diameter: 1.38 in
Telescopic Length: 1.06 in


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