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If you are looking for the gates to heaven, you may have found them! This is Lucy, a girl of hot figure. Slender waist, fleshy hips, meaty pudendum, and invisible mysteriousinterior, all of Lucy’s extraordinary features are revealed in your sight. This sexy stunner seems to be an expert in couple’s intimacy, she will know what to do to please you better. You are able to embrace her by waist, and immersed in the overwhelming happiness of missionary, side-to -side, riding and doggy style. The two appealing channels have different inner texture structure, which promises different sucking tightness. Get ready for an orgasm beyond your imagination! In addition to tricky bedroom plays, Lucy is happy to accompany you to explore new fun in the bathroom. Let daily bathing also be full of passion. Yummy! She’ll total bring all your dreamy fantasies into everyday life!



Material: TPR

Weight: 6.23lb

Size: 7.3 x 8.8 x 5.1″

Package included:

1 x Buttock


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