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This uniquely male vibrator is perfect for your penis, completely wraps, and massages your penis. This toy is the perfect combination of glans and penis stimulation. With curly silicone wings, this product can wrap your dick no matter the size of your penis. You can easily hold this 4-inch long sex toy with one hand. This light little toy is perfect for putting in a briefcase or pocket when traveling. Press the heating button and the temperature will reach a pleasant temperature. Make you feel as warm as a woman’smouths. Through 10 different vibration modes, choose the frequency you like. The special texture inside the shaft massages your penis and glans when vibrating, making you feel more comfortable.
If the product is dirty,please wash it with clean water and wipe it with a soft cloth.


Product Size: 4.05″ in total length,2.4″ in totalwidth.
Product Weight: 0.88lb
Product Material: Silicone

Package List:

Includes masturbator×1.

Why do you need a male stimulator

You can find countless male masturbation toy on the market, but no one can fit your frenulum and your dildo so perfectly. Unique line-shaped opening design, tightly attached to your dildo, touch and rub it.

  • Unique male vibrator
  • Suitable for various sizes
  • Suitable for various sizes
  • 10 super strong vibrations
  • Heat to 42 degrees Celsius
  • Quiet and silent
  • USB rechargeable

Powerful vibration motor

The motor transmits vibration to all silicone surfaces. The vibration intensity felt from the place closest to the motor to the place farthest from the motor is completely different. It’s like different vibrators massaging your dildo at the same time.


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