Vibrating & Sucking modes, Make your sex more real.
6.1″ vaginal depth, Lifelike virgin tight channel.
5.51″ anal depth, full of realistic meat, super wrapping feeling
Built-in skeleton, easy to unlock various sex positions.
Medical grade TPE material, safe, soft and no smell.
Unique Sex Doll Torso Masturbator
Ellie is a sports girl who has toned body, her has sexy ABS looks very youthful and healthy! She is a unique torso masturbator with vaginal and anal tunnels that suck and vibrate. Insert her vagina for the most realistic sex pleasure!
Ellie’s Body Size
Material Medical-grade TPE
Heigth: 41cm/16.14inch
Bust Cir: 59cm/23.22inch
Waist Cir: 38cm/14.96inch
Hip Cir: 58cm/22.83inch
Weight: 6.25kg/13.77Lb
Realistic Channel Textures
Remote control, Powerful Vibrating & Sucking mode
Ellie is very easy to use. Remote control, free your hands completely.
Ellie has 5 vibrating & sucking functions, which can bring double intense stimulation to your penis! Even better, Ellie has a one-touch orgasm mode. Just click the one-touch orgasm button and she will gently kiss your dick like your naughty girl. This will turn you on and trigger ejaculation!
Smart & Convenient Buttons
Built in Skeleton, Automatic Cleaning
Ellie has a high quality skeleton inside. This allows her to maintain an upright posture with plenty of flexibility.
Ellie is different from a normal sex doll torso. Ellie comes with an automatic cleaning function. The vagina automatically removes dirt and fluids, which is faster, more convenient and hygienic.



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