Sucking & vibrating, Get as close to real sex as possible.
28.7″ Breast size, 29″ hip cir, sexy curvy body.
7.87″ vaginal depth, enough to wrap your bro.
4.7″ anal depth, llike a great sucker.
Built-in skeleton, easy to unlock different sex position.
Material Medical-grade TPE
Height: 25.60 Inch
Shoulder Width: 11.80 Inch
Bust Cir: 28.70 Inch
Waist Cir: 21.00 Inch
Hip Cir: 29.00 Inch
Leg Length: 9.40 Inch
Leg Cir: 16.00 Inch
Weight: 35.93 Lb
Function: Sucking, Vibrating
Sex type: Vaginal/Anal sex
Lucy’s Key Features
3 in 1 Sexy Perfect Sex Torso
Lucy is a life-size sex doll torso. Her 1:1 restoration of the sexy parts of the female body. Lucy has big boobs pretty pink asshole and plush pussy. The details such as small particles on the areola and the wrinkles on the labia are realistic. You can enjoy your time with full set breast sex vaginal sex and anal sex. Every design of her is truly maddening and full of unlimited desire.
What Makes Lucy Awesome
Female Torso Sex Doll Lucy-35.93LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Sex Torso 18
Female Torso Sex Doll Lucy-35.93LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Sex Torso 19
Steady Internal Frame & Realistic Channels & Smart Mode
Lucy is built in with a flexible metal frame. This gives her human-like flexibility. You can unlock different sex positions, missionary, doggy-style or cawgirl, completely hands-free. Think how tempting this is!
Lucy’s juicy pussy is teasing your sexual desires. The inside of the vagina provides a realistic texture. Lucy’s round ass is so attractive, don’t you want to spanking her big ass?
Great news: Lucy’s channel is designed to vibrate and suck. 5 frequency free control of tightness, Wireless remote control multi-frequency strong vibration experience different climaxes. And, Lucy also has automatic cleaning, which makes sex so clean/simple/fast! ! !


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