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  • Physical improvement, your dick can instantly lengthen by 3 inches and thicken 70%.
  • Motor and 6 raised hills sat bottom, get a mutual orgasm easily.
  • Testicular ring, prolong your sex time.
  • Detachable motor, multiple stimulation for different sensitive areas.
  • Straight tube design, make the penetrating simple.
  • Extended hardness, deeper penetration and delight exploration.

Wearing this realistic penis sleeve, your dick can instantly lengthen by 3 inches and 70% thicker! It is very suitable for couples who are pursuing different ways of sex. It also inadvertently increases the self-confidence of men. The extended part has just the right amount of hardness, and now you can go deeper into your partner’s vagina and explore more fun. You don’t have to worry about your penis being too short or premature ejaculation. This sex toy greatly satisfies your vanity. The glans is slightly turned outwards, and when inserted, it accurately massages the sweet spots of women. The raised vein restores the state of your penis when it was congested, and your real penis was “”trapped”” by this sleeve when it was erect. The sensitive spots on your penis are also repeatedly squeezed during the thrusting process, which will definitely bring you an impressive sex experience. The buzzing sound of the motor will transmit a faint shock to your penis, and the 6 raised hills will continue to tease women’ clitoris with the vibration of the motor. This truly realizes the shared stimulation between couples. A stretchable testicular ring slows down the speed of blood return, helps reduce and control premature ejaculation, prolong sex time, and improve the quality of your sexual life. The motor is detachable, if you like, you can use this motor alone to stimulate the nipples, clitoris and other parts.

Color: Flesh
Material: Silicone
Hollow length: 14*3.7cm
Suitable for the crowd: erect penile size 5-6.5 inches

Package included:
1 x Penis Extension Sleeve


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