Features three innovative motors and exquisite workmanship, the male masturbator comes with a 3D vag*na mouth and realistic TPE inner sleeve, bringing you ultimate sensation. Dual Male Strokers wrap your penis tightly all around, giving that real oral sex experience and deep throat feeling. Multiple motors of adult toys allow powerful vibration and shock senses, bringing different pleasures for you.
[10 Vibration & 6 Thrusting Modes]: This male masterburbater features 10 vibrations and 6 thrusting modes with powerful motors that work together to stimulate every inch of your penis, offering intense thrusting sensations and thrilling vibrations for an ultra-intense combination of sensations. Equipped with different patterns and intensities, the male masturbators offer different sensations for tons of fun and are fun for solo play, foreplay and couple play and take you to paradise.
[LCD Display & Touch Button]: Different from other male masturbators, our sex toys for men are equipped with an LCD display and touch button that shows the battery power, using time, vibration and thrust level, making the pocket pussy easy to use and record the most suitable modes for you. Besides, the touch button makes male master burbater toy easy to control the vibration and thrusting modes. A perfect sexual experience is on the way.
[3D Textured Sleeve & Realistic Vag*Nale Mouth]: This male masturbator along with a 3D realistic textured sleeve and vaginal mouth can mimic the sensations of oral sex, and this male masturbator will curl your toes in just minutes. Made of eco-friendly TPE material, soft and full of granules, as well as internal multi-layer spiral folds inside the masturbation sleeve, the adult toys give you the pleasure of friction to enhance every inch of your penis stimulation.
[Three Innovative Motors & Strong Stimulation]: Come with three motors, the male masturbators have strong thrust and vibration movement. One motor for high-speed thrust and the other motor are placed on the side of the sleeve, which brings strong stimulation and strong vibration when using. This sexy toy for men can bring you to orgasm instantly from zero. Touch and Go is super stimulating.
[Perfect Design]: Three design points inside the male masturbators that act as lips, tongue and throat, providing all-in-one stimulation for your penis. The sex toy has a see-through design so you can enjoy watching yourself as your penis slides in and out of the structured sleeve. You’ll launch like a rocket in no time. With the various controls for thrust and vibration, this male masterburator can be used as a penis trainer to increase sexual stamina.
[Easy to Clean and Fit More Size]: The male sex toys have a detachable case, easy to separate from the machine. Remove the sleeve and rinse under running water. After washing and drying, you can put the sleeve back into the pocket pussy. The male masturbators can be inserted at a length of 19 cm, which fits most sizes.
[Type-C Charging & Customer Service]: Design with a Type-C charging port and large-capacity rechargeable battery, the male self-pleasure toys can be used anywhere and meet your needs at any time to enjoy from tip to shaft. 24 hour customer service. If you have any questions about the male masturbator, you can contact us immediately.

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