【7 Intense Suction Modes】This masturbator has a powerful automatic vacuum suction function. The inner sleeve of the masturbation cup is retractable, and the white air bubble at the top clamps your penis, giving you double suction.
10 POWERFUL THROAT MODES: This male masturbation cup is uniquely designed to move up and down to stimulate the most sensitive nerves, while rolling beans provide additional stimulation
【10 Glans Vibration Modes】This masturbation cup has a vibrating ball at the bottom that stimulates the sensitive glans. There are 10 vibration modes, some gentle, some exciting, some wild for you to choose.
【Premium TPE Material & Easy to Clean】The sleeves of this masturbator are made of premium TPE material, which is stretchy and full of flesh particles to simulate a real touch. The inner cover is removable and easy to clean.
【Sound Speaker Interaction】This sex toy has built-in speakers that can be played directly or plugged into headphones for an immersive, fun experience.

3 in 1 Automatic Male Mastubrator

Combining the three functions of suction, thrust and vibration, this male masturbation cup provides you with triple modes.

A vacuum suction airflow is created inside, while the air pocket above the sleeve clamps your pe-nis for extra sucking pleasure.

The masturbator stretches up and down, and the 3 strings of rolling beans move with it. The combination of up and down friction and rolling beans massage is a great way to enjoy.

The bottom features a powerful vibrating bullet designed to stimulate the sensitive nerves of your glans to help you delay sex time.

Instructions for Use and Clean

How to Use:

Recommended for use with water-based lubricants. Long press the power button for 2 seconds to start the masturbator cup, and short press the function button to enable the modes of suction, thrust, vibration, and sound.

How to Clean:

Gently take out the sleeve and remove the vibrating bullet before cleaning. Wash the sleeve with soap and mild water, and finally wipe it off with a towel.


* Masturbation cup shell is not waterproof, please do not wash it with water.

* Please dry the sleeve completely before putting it in the male masturbator.

USB Magnetic Charging

With a USB magnetic charger, you can use a computer, power bank, and wall charger to charge this masturbator. It takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge, and can be used for 1 hour after being fully charged.

Discreet Package

Our sex toys will be packed in a privacy box without any sensitive information on the box to protect your privacy.

Package Contents:

1* Male Masturbator Cup,

1* Lubricating Oil,

1* USB Charging Cable,

1* Headphone,

1* Plastic Stick,

1* User Manual.

Reliable After-sales Service

If you have any dissatisfaction with this sex toy, please feel free to message us. You can send us a message through the contact seller page of the Amazon order or through the after-sales email in the user manual, and we promise that we will do our best to solve your problem.

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