Vibrating & sucking modes, bring real vaginal sex felling.
28.77″ breasts size, Sexy perfect curve body.
6.3″ vagina depth, enough to wrap your bro.
5.5″ anal depth, interior provides 3D variable textures.
35.27lb weight, the body is more stable.
Built-in metal frame, use 1000+ times without deformation.
Saft & skin-friendly TPE material, soft and flexible.
Material Medical-grade TPE
Height: 64cm/25.19inch
Width: 34cm/11.81inch
Bust Cir: 73.1cm/28.77inch
Waist Cir: 55.5cm/21.85inch
Hip Cir: 79.5cm/31.29inch
Weight: 16kg/35.27 lb
life size sex torso for men (12)
Most Real Sex Doll – Isabella
Isabella is a female full sex doll torso that replicates the figure of an attractive mature woman. This means you can dress her up however you want. When you hold her, you feel like holding a real woman in real life!
Built-in skeleton
Isabella has an internal frame to keep it stable and avoid random shaking. You can have different sex positions. Such as pass-through sex, doggy or cowgirl, completely hands-free, etc. How tempting that would be. Also, you can try her big boobs. This will give you a better sexual experience.
Realistic Two Holes, Pink Labia
Isabella’s pussy is an exact replica of a real woman’s pussy. Looks like a work of art. Full of puckered labia with exquisite detail. However, her vagina is designed with vein texture and soft particles.As you force your way into Nicole, you’ll notice how the vulva is shaped like a real pussy. There is a raised G-spot inside her vagina that you can feel rubbing gently across the top of your member. If you want to experience real sex. This sex torso doll is your best bet.
Automatic Cleaning
Isabella adds automatic cleaning to the functional design.the vagina automatically discharges dirt and liquid, which is more fast,convenient, and hygienic.
See More Instructions for Sucking & Vibrating & Exhausting functions
There is a Power button on the side of the doll and a remote control with three buttons (Suction Button & Exhaust Button & Vibration Button). And it also has two hoses for sucking and exhausting, which are completely connected to hands.


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