• 14LB AUTOMATIC SEX DOLL – 5 Sucking and 5 Vibrating Modes! Not life size! Height: 13.6inch, Width: 8.7inch. Close your eyes and enjoy the moment, like oral sex. This functional sex doll male masturbator, which is more realistic and exciting than the regular one. There is also an Automatic Cleaning Function!
  • FREE YOUR HANDS – Remote control operation. No need to download the APP. We respect the privacy of guests very much. The vagina has the function of sucking / exhausting / vibrating,with 5 sucking and 5 vibration frequencies. The sucking and vibration amplitude of the anus will be relatively weak. Do not hesitate, it is always ready to wait for you to enter its realistic channels, believe that it will surely conquer your inner desires
  • TIGHT VAGINA & ANAL CHANNELS – Wrap your cock tightly! There are realistic particles and threads in the channel, which can stimulate the cock, plus it will automatically suck or vibrate, the experience is more real. Let it accompany you through lonely nights and help you pursue excitement. We guarantee you’ll be hooked on it, and you won’t be able to put it down
  • SOFT BRESTS & ROUND BUTTOCKS – Do you rub the boobs and slap the ass during sex games? If there is, it can meet your needs, you can rub its boobs, you can pat its peach ass, and it will respond to you – automatically spring back to the prototype. Makes your whole process more exciting and fun. Made of safe and soft TPR material, the skin texture has a supernatural and realistic feel. Recommended use with water-based lubricant for better experience
  • DISCREAT PACKAGING – We value the privacy of our clients. So a special sealed box has been set out for the purpose of delivery, they are shipped expressly and confidentially without any trace of sensitive tags/words. It takes 90 minutes to fully charge and can be used for 60 minutes each time
  • Sucking and Vibrating Sex Dolls
    Weight: 14LB
    Size: 13.58×8.66×6.69inch; Bust: 23.6inch; Hip: 26.38inch
    Easy to Use: Remote control
    Sucking Function: 5 sucking modes, choose the one you like best, powerful suction, just like oral sex very realistic.
    Vibrating Function: 5 vibration modes are at your disposal, with powerful vibrations that constantly stimulate and tease you.
    Automatic Cleaning
    Powerful Features: Easy to clean. The vagina has an automatic cleaning function that reduces the amount of water injected into the vagina, and the automatic cleaning begins when you press the suck button, and the water is removed from the tube. The anus is cleaned with a cleaning rod and air dried.
    Note: You can not directly put the entire doll into the water, the charging port can not touch the water to avoid sex dolls are damaged.


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