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  • Realistic tongue and oral cavity internal particle design, a feeling of being wrapped in a real mouth.
  • 7-frequency simulation vibration mode, super power makes you addicted to it.
  • Vacuum sucking, press to adjust the intensity of sucking, experience the stimulation of real sucking.
  • Intelligent heating system can heat to 37~42℃, real humid and hot experience inside the oral cavity.
  • The inner sleeve can be removed, clean and hygienic.
  • Voice function, encourage your penis to be more stronger.


Flaming red lips and teasing tongue, hurry up and put your stalwart dick in. The most amazing thing is the unique 7-frequency vibration function of the toy. Every time it vibrates, she is asking you for more, and wishing you have more fun. Adopting the design of air surging, pressing or releasing toadjust the intensity of sucking, and help you experience the stimulation of artificial human sucking, makes you feel that you are really sprinting into a mouth of a real person. Not only the tongue, but the interior is also designed according to the human oral cavity. The insertablelengthcan reach 4.8”, allowing your brother to be perfectly wrapped. Every fold and particle inside is also challenging your tolerance limit. When the toy is turned on, the inside of the toy will automatically heats up to a maximum of 45 degrees in just 8 minutes, your dick will be wrapped withmoisture and heat, you will definitely not forget thisfeeling. The additional voicefunction is the driving force for orgasm, the beauty girl will talk to you and encourage you, you will be more confident, your brother will be harder. In addition, the inner sleeve of the toy can be removed, and it can be washed with water after the game, which is convenient and hygienic.

The material of the toy is safe and soft,will not harm your skin and give you a better masturbation experience. It can also be charged via USB.


Material: ABS+TPE


Insertable length:4.7”

Charging time: 3 hours

Package included:


1*USB charging cable

1*Product Manual


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