Elevate your real sex encounters with our product’s 10 rapid thrusting modes, delivering ultimate pleasure
Indulge in a more authentic and satisfying climax with our product’s 4 powerful sucking modes
Embrace choice and variety with 10 stimulating vibration functions, offering endless options
Immerse yourself in the pleasure of realistic warmth, reaching body temperature in just 5 minutes
Experience hassle-free pleasure with USB quick charging & Super Soft Pocket Pussy
Are you craving a passionate and exhilarating sexual experience? Unleash your dormant desires and elevate your pleasure with the transformative 5-in-1 Automatic Male Masturbator Cup. Take charge of your satisfaction and break free from the chains of decreased libido.
Don’t wait another moment – seize the chance to revitalize your sexual encounters and bask in the pleasure you deserve. Act now and revolutionize your intimate experiences with the unparalleled pleasure of the 5-in-1 Automatic Male Masturbator Cup. Your ultimate satisfaction awaits.
Product Name: 5 in 1 Automatic Knob Adjusting Male Masturbator
Material: ABS and medical silicone
Color: Black
Waterproof: IXP5
Features: 5 in 1, Cost-effective, Knob Adjusting
Function: 4 sucking & 10 vibration & 10 thrusting & 40℃ heating & One-touch climax function
Charging Time: 2 hours
Run Time: over 60 mins
Power Type: USB Rechargeable
Size: 5.6 x 4.7 in
Notice: Double-click the vibrate button to start the heating mode
Mute: <50 DB


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