This male Masterbator toy is a great item if you want to avoid some of the bulkier sex toys that offer similar features. A lonely Saturday night would be sad, this is a way to spice it up. Automatic thrust mode offers sensations, with a constant caressing movement and unique function that brings a whole new dimension to masturbation.
7 Shock and Vibration Modes: 7 vibration modes and 7 shock modes will bring you to orgasm quickly. A soft shell filled with 3D massage particles coupled with thrusting modes, it’s the kind of pleasure you can’t get from the real thing. The position of the vibrator pod is almost perfectly placed for maximum sensation. It is important to note that you must apply enough water-based lube. for better penetration and easier bumping
Easy to Control: The blowjob sex stimulator is convenient to use and helps you focus more on intense stimulation and real sexual orgasm. The buttons are in a great place that gives you full control over your session, how you want to play. Easy-to-grab handles and simple knobs are all designed to give you more focus and enjoyment while using the male pet toy.
Something you will take care of: We use TPE and silicone material, the material used for thousands of sex toys. Play for about 60 minutes and fully charge in about 2 hours. The silicone sleeve can be easily removed for cleaning and the double open ends make installation very easy. You can use this adult toy to increase your sex time and when you are close to orgasm with your partner you can use this penis. Massager to lengthen wears.

  • Thrusting Machine for Men

  • Thrusting Vibrator

  • Sex Machine

  • So Easy to Clean

  • Men Masturbation Toy

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