Delicately Tempting Licking
This masturbator sleeve recreates the sensations of oral sex by imitating the movements of a mouth, including gentle sucking and teasing licking, to deliver precise stimulation to the male glans.
Larger and Firmer Penis
A potent vacuum pump can briefly enlarge and strengthen the penis, heightening pleasure and confidence while improving circulation for better sexual health and sensitivity.
Why choose sheet texture?
Sheet texture: durable, cozy, enduring pleasure.
Long-grain: prone to breakage, shorter lifespan, affects pleasure.
Easy Disassembly for Effortless Cleaning
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7 Suction Modes
Click the suck button, suck frequency cutting,7 frequency sucking, cycle mode.
7 Rotation Modes
Press the rotate button to rotate the frequency cutting, 7-frequency rotating, cyclic mode.
Pressure Button
Long press to increase the suction load several times.
On/off Button
Long press 1-3s to turn on/off. Short press for quick air release.
Product List
Packing Box, Masturbation Cup, Manual, USB Charging Cable.
IPX7 Waterproof
Offers easy cleaning and enhanced durability.
Brand: CKC
Function: Suction, Rotation
Material: ABS+TPE
Mute: <65 dB
Charging Time: 160 mins
Run Time: 70 mins
Size: 10.24 * 3.19 * 3.13 in
Weight: 1.39 lbs
Frequency : 7 Frequency



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