Elevate Your Pleasure Game – Explore 7 Thrusting Modes For Tailored And Intense Sensations
Tailor Your Pleasure – Easily Modify Mode Strength With The Stepless Adjustable Speed Button
Stay Powered Up – Fast-Charging With Type-C USB For Convenient And Quick Recharging
Let The Bumpy Texture Amplify And Enhance Masturbation, Oral Sex, And Hand Jobs With Ease
Enjoy Ipx5 Waterproof For Enjoyable Water Play And Whisper-Quiet Operation Below 55 Db
This wonder is all about versatility. With its twist-and-turn functionality, it becomes your personal pleasure partner, indulging your desires with mind-bending twists and turns. It’s like a dance partner that knows all your moves, leading you to the heights of ecstasy! And speaking of customization, our device offers infinite speed control, allowing you to find that sweet spot of pleasure. It’s like having a DJ for your pleasure, adjusting the beats to match your every whim. Get ready for a whole new level of satisfaction with our device’s thick and plush interior. It’s like sinking into a cloud of pleasure, enveloping you in softness and amplifying your pleasure to unprecedented levels. It’s like being embraced by your wildest dreams! Grab yours now and let the pleasure take control. Get ready to unleash your desires like never before!
Product Name: Stepless Adjustable Speed 7 Thrusting Male Masturbator
Material: PC+ABS+TPE
Color: BlackWaterproof: IPX5
Features: Stepless Adjustable Speed, 7 Thrusting modes, Type-C
Function: Stepless Adjustable Speed, 7 Thrusting modes
Run Time: 45 mins
Size: 12.4*3.66*3.66 in
Mute: <55


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