4-in-1: 4s lockable vacuum pump, one-click vacuum unlock, 7 smooth rotation, 7 rhythmic suction.
【Upgraded 2 in 1 Masturbator】The upgraded 2 in 1 male masturbator toy has 7 smoother rotations, and the motor unit is more powerful. The 7 suction option is more rhythmic and offers less noise than previous versions.
Lockable Vacuum Pump: This is both a sexy toy and a penis pump. Press and hold the lockable vacuum button to achieve 4 seconds of continuous vacuum suction. Once the desired vacuum pressure is reached, stop pressing the vacuum button until a desired hardness is achieved! One click vacuum release is included to quickly stop vacuum suction!
Easy to Use: Provides a much smoother product for the customer.
One-click unlocking: Both the 7 suction options and 4 enlargement options create a vacuum when the vacuum pressure reaches a stopping point. Click on the one-click unlock vacuum cleaner to instantly release all vacuums.
DETACHABLE & WATERPROOF: The male Masterburator is detachable and assembled from 7 parts. The motor and the control board circuit group are installed airtight, and there are waterproof rubber links between the components to make this male masturbstor totally waterproof. This makes it easy to clean after use (Cleaning Tip: Turn on the suction mode when cleaning to drain the liquid in the air pores. )
SPECIFICATIONS – The male masturbator toy fits most people, the depth of the device is 5.5 inches, and the maximum true insertion diameter is 2.6 inches.

4 in 1 Enhanced Male Masturbat...