Best Automatic Big Ass Masturbator
Patricia is best electric male masturbator with with sucking, vibration and exhaust functions.This is great, but the lifelike takes things up a notch. Her pussy is an exact replica of a real female pussy. The outer labia are very soft and full of folds. It looks real! Her close legs, she can always maintain a stable doggystyle sex position when you hit her hard.
Patricia’s Real Video
Patricia’s Body Size
Material Medical-grade TPE
Heigth: 22.5cm/8.86inch
Width: 33cm/12.99inch
Lenght: 27.5cm/69.85inch
Waist Cir: 62cm/24.41inch
Hip Cir: 99cm/38.98inch
Weight: 11kg/24.25Lb
Realistic Channel Textures
Automatic sucking big ass sex masturbator
Patricia is one crazy adult sex toy! She is different from ordinary sex dolls, one click activates the sucking and vibrating functions inside her vagina. Start your passionate moment! You can’t refuse the pleasure she brings you. The tight 3D beauty buttocks, like an 18 -year-old girl, accompany you through a beautiful night.
Soft, Safe TPE material
Patricia is made of high-quality soft and safe TPE material, it brings you ultimate comfort and enjoyment. The vagina and anus can accommodate most sizes. When you slide in, it will tightly wrap around your penis and bring orgasm.
Automatic Cleaning
Patricia is different from a normal sex doll torso. Catherine comes with an automatic cleaning function. The vagina automatically removes dirt and fluids, which is faster, more convenient and hygienic.
See More Instructions for Sucking & Vibrating & Exhausting functions
There is a Power button on the side of the doll and a remote control with three buttons (Suction Button & Exhaust Button & Vibration Button). And it also has two hoses for sucking and exhausting, which are completely connected to hands.



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