Sucking & vibrating, Get as close to real sex as possible.
26.77″ breast size, sexy curvy body.
6.7″ vaginal depth, tightly wraps your penis.
5.51″ anal depth with realistic texture channels inside.
Smart remote control, Happiness is in your hands.
Magnetic charging stableand durable,
USB charging, convenient and fast.
Charge for 90 min, enjoy 60 min of sexual pleasure!
Material Medical-grade TPE+ABS+Silicone
Height: 15.74 Inch
Width: 12.21 Inch
Bust Cir: 26.77 Inch
Waist Cir: 15.74 Inch
Weight: 15.14 Lb
Function: Sucking, Vibrating
Working time: Working 60 minutes
Charging time: 90 minutes+10%
Note: USB from the computer for charging would be available.If usea charger, please make sure its voltage is 5v.
Female Torso Sex Doll Jessie-15.14LB Vibrating & Sucking Sex Torso For Men 16
Smart Remote Control
Warm tips:
When you receive the parcel, please check the carton is good or not, and if all things are in the package or not. If all items are in the package, you can see the the below pictures, which show you the functional details of the vibrating sex doll:
Smart Remote
Female Torso Sex Doll Jessie-15.14LB Vibrating & Sucking Sex Torso For Men 18
Sex torso
① Sucking Button ② Exhaust Button
③ Vibration Button ④ Power Button
⑤ Magnetic charging ⑥ 6 Trachea(complexion)
⑦ Drainage pipe(Transparent color)
female torso(11)
Button description:
Power button: Press and hold this button for 3 seconds to turn on, the indicator light is on.
Vibration button: click this button to turn on the vibration, a total of 5 frequency cycles, long press for 3 seconds to pause the vibration, and then click again to turn on the vibration.
Sucking button: Long press for 3 seconds to turn on the remote control,the indicator light is always on, when the power on, click to turn on the sucking function,
Exhaust button: click this button to exhaust, it will automatically exhaust during work
Vibrating & Sucking: Click the vibration button and the sucking button to turn on the vibration and sucking mode. A total of <dual 5 frequency>cycle mode.
What Makes Jessie Awesome
Luxurious intelligent torso for men
Jessie is more fashionable and more suitable for sex. You’ve probably tried masturbating with a masturbator cup. Now, Jessie combines the most classic sucking and vibrating features of a masturbator cup and a torso sex doll, very close to real sex. Jessie has realistic interior textures. Combined with the powerful sucking function, the vibration and sucking can give you a quick orgasm when your big cock is inserted into her. All in all, this is the most economical high-quality sex doll torso available. You can buy torso masturbation toys for your sexual needs at the lowest cost.
Used correctly, Jessie will accompany you better
Eaey to use
Step4: Use the remote control to unlock more ways to play
Charging instructions
The indicator light will flash when charging and be on when fully charged
Please use a 5V charger to charge the USB interface. It takes about 90 minutes to fully charge
It is forbidden to use it when charging
Cleaning step:
4. Wipe it with paper towel and store it dry Attention:The product can not put in the water directly.
The product can not put in the water directly.
Please keep the tube of the air releasing away the water, to avoid the water entering into the tube and damage the product.


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