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This automatic masturbation cup comes with a brand new pulse function. Do you know an electric drill It moves up and down like an electric drill, following the vibration frequency, bringing your dick to the peak of orgasm. With its smart sucking function and 10 vibration frequencies, the male masturbator will definitely bring you an impressive and unforgettable night. From low frequency vibration to strong high frequency vibration, your penis can enjoy the orgasm experience brought by different speeds. 7 pulse modes and 10 vibration modes can be controlled separately, you can freely combine your favorite modes, and 70 tricks are waiting for you to challenge! The soft sleeves inside the masturbation cup, hypoallergenic, 3D particles and tunnels restore the internal structure of the female vagina, providing you with an incredibly soft and highly realistic feeling, just like having sex with a beautiful woman again and again. Using it regularly can exercise your penis endurance, make your penis cheer for longer, extend your sex time, and improve your quality of sex life. Fully wrapped design, 360 around your penis, swallowing your entire penis in the throat. The sucking function simulates real oral sex, your dick will be excited! Want to listen to the moans of AV actresses Put on your earphones, the groans will fill your ears and stimulate your sensitive nerves, and you can be completely intoxicated in your sexual fantasies. The shell of the masturbation cup is like a penguin, the streamlined body is easy to hold, and the buttons are clearly indicated.

Material: ABS+TPE
Size: 39mm*220mm*64mm

Package included:
1 x Masturbation Cup
1 x Earphone
1 x Charging Cable


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