• 🦝Penis Enlarger Pump & Male Masturbator – The working principle of our electric penis pump is to generate vacuum suction through rhythmic negative pressure fluctuations, which expands the cavernous blood vessels in the penis and increases blood flow, thereby making the penis bigger harder and stronger.
  • 🦬4 Powerful Sucking Modes – Our penis pumps for men have 4 different suction levels, you can choose the appropriate suction level according to your own condition. For penis pump beginners, please start from the first gear and gradually adapt to the pressure of the penis enlargement pump.
  • 🐕Body-Safe Pocket Pussy – The realistic pocket pussy of this vacuum penis pump is made of soft high-quality silicone material, simply place the pocket pussy into the sleeve, and this penis enlarger pump becomes a complete self-sucking masturbator cup. The silicone pocket pussy has a realistic flesh-colored appearance and a raised interior, which can provide more firming stimulation during sucking and squeezing.
  • 🐒3D Visualization Design – Our male masturabating toys are designed with clear scales on the transparent tube, you can clearly see the constant changes of the penis by training with this cock pump. Through repeated training, your penis will form muscle memory that make itself become bigger, harder and stronger during sexual intercourse.
  • 🐻Detachable Design – The tube and sleeve of this erection pump for men are made of silicone materials, which are easy to disassemble from the penis pump main body for cleaning. But please do not wash the engine part of the male vacuum pump directly with water, you can choose to wipe it with a clean towel.
  • 🐗DC Pinhole Charging – This male sex toy uses the DC pinhole charging, once fully charged, you can use this pussy pump multiple times for penis training or male masturbation for about 90 minutes.
  • 🐨Decent Packaging and Reliable Service- All of our sex toys for men come in a decent packaging. If you have met problems with this electric penis pump, you can feel free to tell us, we will provide you a good solution with 24 hours.
  • Powerful Sucking Modes
    The electric vacuum pump male sex toy has 4 different modes of enlargement pump and masturbation cup, The masturbator range from mild to wild, giving you different thrills, and the vacuum pump’s intense sucking makes you longer, bigger, and stronger.
    The masturbation mode and the Expansion Pump mode come with different accessories to meet your different needs, please choose the appropriate mode according to your situation.

DC Pinhole Charging

This adult sex toy is charged via a DC charging cable, you can use this enlargement pump continuously for about 90 minutes after a full charge, which is simple and convenient.

Reasonable Size

The vacuum pump has 3 different sizes of silicone ring sleeves with diameters of 1.2″, 0.8″, and 0.4″. The size of the masturbation cup’s pocket pu*ssy is 1.2″ in diameter, and the overall length of the vacuum pump is 12″.

Packing List:


  • Vacuum pump *1
  • Silicone sleeves of different sizes *3
  • High-quality silicone pocket pu*ssy *1
  • Instruction manual *1
  • Small lubricating oil *1
  • Original charging cable *1


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