Unblocked 2-way exit adapts to your long dick maximally
12-speed vibration provides different intensity & pleasure
The unique manual design caters to your manual operation requirements
The thick liner and internal texture bring realistic and intense stimulation
Low noise of 40 decibels equivalent to the hum of a refrigerator for your play in secret
USB rechargeable for anywhere
Maybe it’s difficult for you to find a suitable power for your dick, but now this 12 powerful vibration masturbation cup will fit you. Different mode brings you different stimulation. And the inner TPE material of this toy will make forget the smooth of women’s vagina. The softness of the vagina and the power of vibration will make you feel amazing happiness! Don’t hesitate anymore!
Have you ever felt your big thing is restricted when using one-exit masturbation? This unblocked 2-way exit product will give you enough freedom. Whatever you wanna glans or penis stimulation, you can control easily by your hand. The vibrating mode of it will increase pleasure when you move it up and down.
This toy restored the traditional process of masturbation, you can move it to any part of your dick freely. Sometimes we will be bored with automatic functions, the lovely toy with manual controlling will give you a fresh feeling.

Single play is not funny? This toy is also can be shared in couple games, when your big thing going through the toy and then your partner proceeds oral sex for your bro, the experience must be wonderful!
Frequency: 12-fequency vibration
Type: Vagina
Packing List: Masturbation Cup x1, Charging Cable x1, manual x1
Weight: 0.56kg
Size: 4.25 *4.25 * 4.25 in
Features: 2 Holes, 12 Vibration Modes, Manual Control
Waterproof: Sleeve: IPX-8 (completely waterproof), engine: IPX-1(Waterproof for 10 minutes under light rain)Color: White
Material: ABS+TPE


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