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  • Scales on the wall of the long chamber, enhanced sexual performance is clearly visible.
  • An air-out button, avoid discomfort caused by excessive pressure.
  • 3 escalating gears, gradually improve sexual performance.
  • 4 plushy, super-soft donuts a thick stroker-style sleeve to chose, find the most comfortable fit.
  • Fully USB rechargeable, add convenience to life.


An advanced auto penis pump designed for quick and comfortable improvement, this exquisite toy adds potential to your surprisng dick performance. Low, medium and high, 3 gears in total are available for adjustment (through the +/- buttons), the middle of the three buttons is to discharge air to relieve the internal pressure of the pump, thereby avoiding possible discomfort caused by excessive pressure. If you wish, you can also press the release and suction buttons continuously to obtain a sexy blowjob effect. Through the crystal-clear long chamber, you can clearly observe how it helps enhance erection, improve endurance, and you will definitely feel amazing all at once. In addition, there are 4 super-soft donuts of different sizes and a meaty stroker-style sleeve to choose from, whose purpose is to maintain a good air-tightnessand ensure the comfort of the skin of the penis. Moreover, this product is fully USB rechargeable and will bring great convenience into your life.

Product size: 11.6 x2.8”

Weight: 0.63 lb

Material: ABS+PC+TPE+silicone

Package included:
1 xpenis pump

1 xmeaty stroker-style sleeve

4 xdonuts

1 xcharging cable

1 xmanual


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LUOGE Advanced Auto Penis Pump