Designed by a 1:1 sexy plump female anchor body.
34″ breast size, S-shaped curvy body.
7.9″ vagina depth, feel the thrill of virgin inner stimulation.
6.7″ anal depth, 3D Realistic texture inside.
Built-in skeleton, unlock any sex position at will.
High-quality TPE material, Safe, comfortable, and odorless.
Smart choice for 699 customers. (every month)
Your Goddess – Aaliyah
Did you fall in love with Aaliyah after watching this video? Aaliyah is a young girl. She is a dancer, so her body is very sexy and slim. Do you want of having sex with an Asian girl? Aaliyah has it ready for you. It’s exciting to see her round, juicy breasts, realistic pussy. The most alluring thing is her ass. Let her sit on your bed. Then, slowly take off her pink underwear. What an eye-catching big round ass. You can experience doggy style sex. She will not reject any of your actions.
Aaliyah’s Size
Material Medical-grade TPE
Height: 83cm/32.7inch
Shoulder Width: 30cm/11.8inch
Bust Cir: 87cm/34inch
Waist Cir: 50cm/19.7inch
Hips Cir: 89cm/35inch
Hips Width: 31cm/12.2inch
Leg Length: 24cm/9.4inch
Leg Cir: 50cm/19.7inch
Weight: 25kg/55Lb
Package size: 90.5*39.5*31cm/35.62*15.55*12.20inch
Realistic Channel
Female Torso Sex Doll Aaliyah-55LB Lifelike Female Torso Sex
Built-in skeleton, Just a Real Sexy Women
Built-in framework, more convenient to use. Aaliyah built-in frame allows her to maintain an upright position, which is stable enough. The movable legs greatly increase her flexibility, allowing you to enjoy any kind of sex.
Dual channel design. Vaginal, anal or titty? Whichever you prefer, Aaliyah has you covered. Her vagina and anus are full of texture and meat balls, which greatly increases friction and irritation.
Medical grade material. Aaliyah is made of high-quality TPE material and feels very real to the touch. Her soft breasts are like those of a really plump woman. It is very soft.


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