Intense Pounding: This sex toy is not a suction machine, it is an automatic thrusting and rotating masturbation cup for you to choose from. We usually have a product manager to try and test before the toy hits the market. So, bro, they say the difference between a sucker and a press is the 2nd one that’s hard for you not to shoo. But don’t worry, you’re still my Superman. I just like to say this toy you must try it.
Hands-Free Suction Cup Base: Here’s another tip, when choosing your first male masturbation cup you want to find one with a suction base that can be attached anywhere. You don’t want to hold a 6lb toy for 20 minutes. (I know you can do 20+ minutes) But just let it be known, having a strong base is very important.
4.3 in long sleeve: when you choose your first male masturbator, you can see the length of our products and other products. Come on to describe how orgasm is awesome so meaningless. Because everyone knows how cute that is, but you want a sleeve that’s long enough to not only stimulate your glans, but stimulate it as much as it can.
Lightning button: I know orgasms well. It’s a feeling that you don’t wish to go away. It’s like a long distance lover, after a pandemic, so they finally meet and hold each other tight. You don’t want to let her go again. You want it to last forever. So just press the lightning button, it will make you go crazy and slow, it’s all in your control.


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