Have you ever understood the hazards of pelvic floor muscle relaxation?

There are many harms to pelvic floor muscle relaxation. The slight relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles may cause women’s vaginal relaxation and discordant sexual life. As the disease progresses to severe pelvic muscle relaxation, it can lead to female vaginal wall prolapse, uterine prolapse and bladder. Urinary incontinence, dysuria, constipation, bleeding, infection and other symptoms.


What is the medical principle of the Kegel ball?

  • The medical principle is “pelvic exercise”. Its physical principle is to use gravity to put a fitness ball into the body, and the muscles in the private area will contract and clamp the ball unknowingly, thus achieving the effect of exercise.
  • Kegel ball is the most effective exercise equipment to repair pelvic floor muscle relaxation. It is easy to use and can effectively achieve the repair effect. It only takes 15-20 minutes to do Kegel exercises every day. After a month, you will notice obvious changes.



APP download and install

IOS system:

  • Search for”UK Sex Toys Store”in the app store and download and install it.
  • Scan the QR code in the lower right corner with your mobile phone and download and install the”UK Sex Toys Store”app prompted as prompted.


Android system:

  • Scan the QR code in the lower right corner with your mobile phone and download and install the”UK Sex Toys Store”app as prompted.
  • There are video teaching in the picture, the operation is simple and clear at a glance.


Enter the device:

  • Connect the device afer the first login.
  • Click”+”,the device connecting scan box will appear.
  • Scan the equipment identification code on the product box or instruction to add the equipment.
  • long press the device icon to delete the device or modify the device name.



Mobile application control makes it more convenient for you to use

  • Support:Touch,Music,hand shake,Remote and Cloud Mode.
  • Support: Android or iOS,Bluetooth . Global sharing platform – App allows you to create, download and share vibration patterns.




Warm reminder:

  • Our Kegel sports balls use Bluetooth as a signal transmission method to control the operation of the equipment. But please rest assured that the Bluetooth signal is harmless to the human body.
  • The equipment can be cleaned with warm water or special detergent before and after use. Before use, it is recommended to apply lubricant on the surface of the equipment.
  • For specific instructions, please refer to the user instructions in the product package, or you can view the specific instructions in the more options of the APP.
  • You should recommend or give the best gifts to female friends and female family members around you. They will definitely fall in love with the sport without hesitation.


  • 📲[APP function] Download our free APP on your mobile phone to perform Kegel exercises. There are 4 modes to encourage you to exercise your pelvic floor properly. Make you confident all day.
  • 👩‍⚕️[Doctor’s recommendation] These are the most effective pelvic floor muscle training devices for bladder control. There are 9 frequencies and 4 modes: ① “Music Mode”, ② “Shake Mode”, ③ “Apply Classic Mode”, ④ “Friend Mode”. 15 minutes a day, just a few weeks, and after a month, your pelvic muscles will become stronger and stronger.
  • 💖[Smooth feel] Kegel Excerses Ball is made of high-quality medical silicone and ABS plastic, IPX7 100% waterproof, smooth to the touch, and skin-friendly.
  • 💦[Washing is healthier] Wash with warm water before and after use, and dry with a clean cloth or towel to avoid direct sunlight. Reminder: It is recommended that you use lubricating fluid to apply the Kegel ball to help you enter smoothly without any worries.
  • ✅[Our Commitment] For any products that may be defective, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will provide you with an overall solution as soon as possible. Please send the best products to the ladies/moms around you in time, this will be one of their best gifts.


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