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  • Realistic waistline, like a real girl.
  • Plump big ass, sexy and alluring.
  • Swollen clitoris awaits your passionate touch.
  • The threads and particles of the two entrances bring different sex experiences.

I was shopping in the mall with Ethan. Suddenly, Ethan mysteriously said to me, “Honey, let’s do something exciting.” Then he walked to the door of the public toilet, looked around, and took me to the women’s toilet when no one was paying attention. After closing the door, Ethan took off his underwear and sat on the toilet. Then he lifted the hem of my skirt and ripped off my panty. Pinch my ass and take me to play this vigorous game. Ethan teased my breasts with his tongue, and I felt like I couldn’t help it. I covered my mouth and tried to prevent myself from groaning. This is the toilet, I can’t do this!

Material: TPE.
Weight: 5.8 pounds.
Size: 8.7*8.3*4.5 inch

Package included:
1 x Male Masturbator


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8.7” Booty Stroker Seduc...