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The shape of this clitoral vibrator mimics the real tongue and forms a perfect arc to naturally aim at your internal sensitive points. Think of it as a man whose tongue sticks into your vagina and stirs frantically. It’s exciting just to imagine, not to mention that you really have it. The biggest difference from other products on the market is that our toys have two different textures. One side is a wavy texture, and the other side is a three-dimensional particle. You can experience two different textures of friction at the same time, just like having sex with two different men. Many customers who bought it said that this product is really great, because they have never experienced this kind of double pleasure. The changes of the 5 vibration modes and the difference in speed, from gently teasing to orgasm, it will bring you an unparalleled clitoral orgasm experience. The licking tongue vibrator is made of silicone, which is safe, tasteless, and non-toxic. You can use it with confidence. High-quality silky touch makes sliding touch possible. The toy is very compact and it is possible to put it in a bag. You can take it to the scene you like, such as the bathroom of a supermarket or the fitting room of a clothing store. Its appearance is really beautiful, if your friend’s birthday is approaching, this is really the best choice for gift giving.

Material: Silicone
Size: 5.7″ in total length, 1.2″ in width

Package included:
1 x Clitoris Stimulator


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