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  • Clear material, satisfy your curiosity.
  • Rich internal structure, maximize self-entertainment happiness.
  • Larger accommodating space, solve your concerns about size.
  • TPR material, non-toxic, non-odor and durable.


Finding a dick stroker of the right size can be troublesome for those majestic penis owners. With this in mind, we push out this 5.5″ Clear Male Masturbator with Larger Acceptable Zone. Rich internal structure, including ribs, folds and bumps, takes all your sensitive points into consideration in terms of stimulating. Just add some of your preferred lube to start the wonderful journey of orgasm. You can get a more violent sucking by squeezing the outside, creating a perfect handjob helper for yourself. The safety of the material of the product is generally concerned. This product is made by TPR, which features super softness and elasticity, and does not contain toxic substances harmful to the body. This material also makes it easy to clean, which further eliminates the possibility of bacterial growth. Reassuring products will ensure comfortable enjoyment.

Product size: 5.9 x2.7”

Weight: 0.66 lb

Material: TPR

Package included:
1 xpocket pussy


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5.5” Clear Male Masturbator wi...