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Manual cup masturbator with suction function When you press this masturbator cup, air enters / exits through the entrance. The strong suction of air and the force of pressure on the palm allow your penis to enjoy the double stimulation of sucking and squeezing. With lubricant you can easily insert your cock, then enjoy the experience of oral sex under air suction.

3D transparent simulation channel This chic masturbator has a complex multi-purpose pattern inside: grooves, nubs, balls, diamonds, etc. Stimulate every part of the sensitivity by 360 degrees. Due to the unique design of the shaft and the glans, you feel through the light Tingling under pressure, bring you a wonderful orgasm experience.
3 different ways to play This sex toy for men has three methods of playing. E.g. Squeeze the bottom of the masturbation device to stimulate the base of the penis. Squeezing the middle section will make your little brother feel very tight. Press the top to rub glans, namely like blowjob feeling. You can adjust the force at will to enjoy multiple orgasms.
Easy to clean + perfect size After use, open the masturbator cup and then simply clean it under running water. 18.4 * 7.4cm is the perfect size and the insertable depth is 14.5cm which is more suitable for European sizes. The portable design allows you to e.g. enjoy it while traveling, in the office and in the car.
Privacy + Guarantee The neutral design and the Amazon delivery service protect your privacy. We have a professional after-sales service and the product is guaranteed for one year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with the most satisfactory customer service.


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