❤【Innovative 360° Conical Swing Male Masturbator】Compared with the traditional rotating male sex toy, masturbator adopts innovative technology. Its unique cone motion mimics butt during sex love, bringing you a brand new cowgirl sex experience. 360° motion curve will propel your glans with every swing, taking you to the next level you’ve never had before.
❤【7 Swing and 10 Surrounded Vibrations to Customize Your Girl Mode】 Unlike other adult toys that focus on full body stimulation, this pocket pussy targets swing modes and vibrations at your sweetest spots. Different swing modes adapt to surrounding vibrations, like the swinging butt of different girls, just choose the one that suits you best before riding it to the climax.
❤【Body Safe Silicone】Perfectly Paired With Oral Bumps And Grooves For Better Than Real Oral Sex: With thousands of different sized bumps and soft grooves, this sex toy for men stimulates your glans and shaft more than TPE material by increasing friction. Incredibly tactile silicone and well-designed interiors combine these two factors to excite you from all directions at once, rather than simply satisfying nerve endings at the skin’s surface.
Delicious heat caps at a maximum of 42°C for more Fervent Oral Sex: This pocket cuff wraps the head of your shaft like a Fervent mouth, automatic constant heating function for perfect oral temperature that reaches up to 42°C, delivering warm and overwhelming stimulation in this ultra-sensitive zone, perfect to kick-start your pleasure sessions.

360° Swing Automatic Masturbat...