Compared to older male masturbators, the single vibration, suction or rotation function can only stimulate your penis, but cannot simulate the real feeling of sexual stimulation. This technically upgraded masturbator uses dual motor technology, powerful thrust and rotation power driven by different motors, which can give you intense pleasure for the most realistic and exciting pleasure.
【10 Powerful Combination of Thrust, Suction and Rotational Force Masturbators】This male masturbator adopts realistic labia and silicone sleeve long enough to satisfy the vast majority of men’s penis. Powerful motor provides 10 different thrust and rotation modes, each mode can make you feel more intense pleasure
【Simulated Labia and Suction Mode】The cups of this male masturbator are made of high quality silicone and designed to look like simulated labia, perfectly envelops your penis, unlike other male masturbators, it also works in suction mode, giving you both a penis pump and a male masturbator, which is a great update.
【Easy to Clean & Disassemble】Unlike most older male masturbators, this one is designed with the liner and retaining ring together, making it very easy to install, just push against the tab. After use, you just need to remove the silicone case and rinse with water.
【Discreet Packaging】The product comes without seeing what is inside, which protects the player’s privacy very well. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the product, our customer service will be very happy to serve you.

3 in 1 Male Thrusting Rotating...